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    Singing Bowl

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    Ganesh Singing Bowl

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    Seven Metal Singing Bowl

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    Lokta Paper

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Nepalese Rice paper is made by an ancient art that has remained unchanged for 2000 years, using the bark of Danphe Papyraceal locally called "LOKTA" which flourishes in the Himalayan region of Nepal, above an altitude of 6500 feet.
This process is difficult and time consuming. First of all the dried bark is pounded to a fine pulp with heavy wooden mallets. The fivers are then soaked in water and heated over fine in large vats until the solution achieve an even consistency. This solution is poured in trough and diluted by adding cold water to dissipate the bark of fibers. It is then shifted until a thin even layer of the fibers is collected onto a cotton mesh screen. The screens are placed in the sun until the layer of bark fiber has dried. The process is completed when sheets of paper can be peeled from the screens.
Various of paper are made either by dyeing the fibers while being heated, or by adding different elements such as flower petal, bark, or grass after the solution has been sifted onto the screens. Other papers are also made by using a different base material, such as the leaves of the banana plant. The process of making LOKTA paper is completely natural.
Now the art of paper making has been preserved in various workshops, where Nepalese woman are provided their own income while learning a traditional skill.
The history shows that the LOKTA paper in Nepal and its surrounding for more than hundred years. The real LOKTA raw material which grows in 6500 to 9500 feet hills of the Himalaya. Nepali people specially single mothers make these products daily to their highest standard.
A lot of love and compassion has put into these papers and products so we can produce the highest quality paper and proudly offer to our customer.

Our goal is to provide a top notch service to satisfy our valuable customers.
Who We are

We have been in the business of importing handmade LOKTA paper since 1981. Maya, our current name, stands for "Magic Or Supernatural Power" in Hindu and Greek.
Maya paper used to be known as "Objects of Nepal" and "Maya Art Imports 2005".
What We Do

We specialized  in handmade more than 300 verities paper products in following categories:

Singing Bowl
Contact us

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